Sunday, February 18, 2007

Class of 2009 Ring Premiere!

Part of MIT's culture that is recognized outside MIT is the MIT ring, affectionately called "The Brass Rat." Supposedly, it is the second most recognized ring in the world, (the first is the Super Bowl ring). MIT's mascot is the beaver, which is where the word "rat" comes from. Many alumni wear this ring, and it is one way people know you are from MIT. Students receive the ring the spring semester of their sophomore year, in other words, very soon!

On Friday the class of 2009 had it's "ring premiere," where we got to see the design of our brass rat. Each brass rat is slightly different, with special designs to evoke memories of what memorable things happened the first two years you were at MIT.

I'm very excited about my brass rat and will wear it proudly! Visit this link for more information, and to see pictures of our awesome ring!

I will do a larger update soon about my winter break and IAP, so stay tuned. :-)