Friday, March 17, 2006

First Tests

I’ve bravely traversed across the fiery pits of despair (my first tests) of the semester. I was frustrated because my speed is not as good as it was before. I need to practice doing problems quickly again, because I wasn’t able to finish any of my tests (although other people also had trouble, but I especially affects me because I’m a slow test taker in general). 18.03 and 5.12 were not too bad, but not finishing affected my score, and I could have done much better.

My most difficult test was in my hardest class (not surprisingly). The 8.022 test was one of the hardest exams I have ever taken in my entire life. The average was a 49….I was ecstatic just to pass, and I even got average! Which means that I am average in a more competitive class with more intense students. I am proud of myself, and if I study harder, I can be above average!

So, in summary, I need to get back into practice with my test taking. This weekend I am going to do practice problems as fast as I possibly can, and I’ll be efficient in studying so I can maximize my scores.

I really like all of my classes so far. What I said earlier about them has remained true. My 8.022 psets take forever, and are very challenging, but I feel so good when I get a problem by myself.

Two tests and a pset next week, and then I’m free!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Remember how it was my birthday a few weeks ago? Well I never finished what happened during my birthday week! Not only did my friends surprise me with dinner and decorating my room, they also threw a surprise party for me that Friday! I was getting a little suspicious because they kept disappearing randomly and Gus kept making up excuses like “they’re umm…making cookies….” and “I need to go meet with friends to practice our role-playing game…” It was a lot of fun and I was definitely surprised. I got homemade cake and we danced to music late into the night. My friends are awesome!

For Valentine’s Day, I cleaned Gus’ bathroom (three guys sharing a bathroom….can you even imagine—or maybe you don’t want to—how awful that was?). They were very appreciative though, and now it isn’t gross anymore…at least for a little while. I figure that my present was practical and since it was disgusting it means I care about him….or something like that. I also made him breakfast. Gus surprised me during Valentine’s Day by having the Muses (an all-female a capella group, you can hire them to sing for your sweetheart the week before the big day) serenade me during my 8.022 lecture. Then we went to dinner over the weekend at Harvard (gasp!).

I helped Annelise with a Quiz Bowl Tournament one weekend. I had to be a score keeper. For the first round, I was pretty bad (I totally screwed up the score….and it was embarrassing), but then for the other rounds I didn’t screw up at all, and I became pro! I just needed some practice.

In the meantime, we had one of our friends, Jongjin, dress up like a girl. He actually wasn’t a bad looking girl….kind of funny. Annelise and I have also been working on Simmons’ I3 Video. MIT sends videos of each dorm to incoming freshman so that they have an idea of what all the dorms are like. It’s been fun filming things around the dorm and getting people to do weird things for the camera. I think it will be pretty good when it’s done, and we were recruited at last minute to do the entire thing! Next year if we start earlier, it will be even better.

Only one more week until my spring break! Everyone else has spring break this week, so I will miss everyone when I get back. :-( Gus is coming with me to California, so it will be amusing. I’m sure (and I hope) that my parents and him get along. This weekend I am studying for two tests I have next Wednesday (18.03 and 5.12).

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!